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Project period
1. February 2011 - 31. December 2015
The project is a collaboration of 32 partners, universities and research institutions as well as industrial companies from various countries. DIST’s contribution to the project concerns the role of consumers in the smart grid.


By 2025, 50% of the electricityproduction in Denmark must come from wind energy. iPower project will help meeting this ambition by developing an intelligent and flexible energy system that can handle a fluctuating power generation. iPower Innovation and research focus is the transition from consumer driven electricity production to production controlled electricity consumption. Increased flexibility in power consumption enables consumption that follows wind power production, as well as a reduced need for investment in electricity distribution networks. iPower will develop intelligent control of decentralized power consumption- and production units, tools for managing millions of flexible consumption devices, and methods of operation of distribution networks with flexible power generation. Methods for identification of user needs and acceptance of flexible consumption units will be tested in praktice, business cases for key players in the intelligent energy are presented on the basis of the platform results. There is great potential in Danish companies for the development and production of intelligent decentralized power consumption and production and management and control tools that iPower will help to trigger. iPower is based on the experiences of prominent Danish and international research and development projects where partners in iPower among the main stakeholders. iPower partner group has both volume and width to develop and demonstrate solutions that cover all critical aspects of smart energy systems with demand response.