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TempoS - Performing temporary spaces for user-driven innovation

Project period
1. January 2010 - 31. December 2014
Aalborg University CPH SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen CO-design group from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,


The partners in the alliance are coming from DTU, DKDS, and CU and have a common focus on user involvement in innovation. The research takes the outset in the identification and performance of temporary, provisional spaces where a variety of actors are assembled with the aim of fostering innovation through an engagement with existing and imagined practices. In contrast to most previous work on user-driven innovation our approach does not hinge on the existence of established communities of users, which designers can ‘tap into’ and inter-act with. Our research will explore situations where the staging of temporary spaces for innovation can lead to the creation of new practices and emerging artefacts through open-ended interaction.

The alliance’s draws on actor-network-theory, practice theory, social learning and design research underpinning that innovation entails series of translations.

The research is organised in three phases:
1. Drawing on the partner’s earlier research complemented by an overview and analysis of contemporary approaches to user-driven innovation the alliance’s methodology will be refined.
2. The core of the research will be organised within four projects each emphasising a specific mode of inquiry and covering a number of different sites for user engagement. The projects study how users and innovations are co-constructed within temporary spaces and will produce a repertoire of methods that can help understanding and support co-creation.
3. The activities will be finalised with a synthesis and outline of how to stage and improve design education, design practice, and innovation management.

The alliance collaborates with international researchers and facilitates exchange through publications, seminars, and international conferences. All partners are engaged in education and professional training opening for continued interaction with students and practitioners in design and innovation.