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Peter Karnøe


Institut for Planlægning / AAU-Cph

Tlf.: 9940 2565

Mobil: 2893 5259


VBN: Publikationer mm.

My key research interest lies within an agency perspective on innovation as co-creation of technologies, markets and institutions. The sustainability challenges related to climate change and limited resources requires un-locking of existing technologies, while co-creating new ones. My empirical areas are clean-tech innovation and the transformation of the Danish energy system towards becoming 100% renewable.

Thus, I am interested in the complex processes involved in re-mixing, and re-assembling actors, different fields of expertise, money, interests and agendas, calculative instruments, legislative devices and classifications that it takes to get technologies, markets and institutions re-organized. This is not a once and for all thing, but an ongoing process of 'repairing, improving and expanding the conditions for existence' for any technology.

My popular version formulate this as 'the 4M-approach': To make a technology successful you need to mobilize Materials, Money, Meanings and (Wo-)Men.

The agency perspective implies viewing technologies, markets and institutions as outcomes of dynamic processes of configuring and reconfiguring sociotechnical arrangements (or actor-networks) of relationships between human and non-human elements. Power is implicit in this, as any sociotechnical arrangement makes some actors, legitimate ideas and claims, technologies, and market forms strong while it weakens and marginalizes others, therefore the innovation challenge is to re-configure sociotechnical arrangements.